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Patient’s Name:   
Referred by:    Dear Colleague
Examination:    Brain. CT Scan.
Techniques:    Non-Contrast Axial Scans.


  • Area of encephalomalacia noted at right high parietal region with exvacuuo dilatation of ipsilateral lateral ventricle… sequel to old ischemic insult …for clinical correlation.
  • Lacunar infarct right side of the pons.
  • Diffuse ectasia of the supratentorial ventricular system; together with widening of the cortical sulci and sylvian fissures, as well as prominence of the basal cisterns ... Involutional brain changes.
  • Diffuse symmetrical hypo-attenuation of the white matter is noted, mainly at the periventricular regions … deep white matter ischaemic changes.
  • No intra or extra-axial collections identified.
  • No midline shift.