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Mediastinal nodes
Professor 06 June 2018
Multiple mediastinal nodes can be identified in Figure When comparing this image with the normal anatomy at this level in Figure No ...
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Multiple brain metastases
Professor 31 May 2018
There can be little doubt of the diagnosis in Figure  These metastatic deposits are from a primary melanoma and demonstrate solid gr...
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Glioblastoma Multiforme
Professor 29 May 2018
Glioblastoma Multiforme shows a large, irregular rimenhancing lesion of the right temporoparietal lobe within the deep white mat...
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Professor 28 May 2018
demonstrates a dome-shaped growth of mixed attenuation arising from the inner table of the left frontal bone. The lesion does not ap...
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Liver metastases
Professor 18 May 2018
Figure shows an enlarged liver (hepatomegaly) with multiple areas of low attenuation. Some of these metastatic deposits are welldefi...
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Diagnosis CT Chest
Professor 14 January 2018
Patient’s Name:   Date:     Referred by:    Dear Colleague Examination:    Chest Techniques:    Non Contrast Axial Cuts    ...
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CT ِAbdomen (Pancreas)
Professor 27 December 2017
Patient’s Name:  Date:    Referred by:  Dear Colleague  Examination:  CT ABDOMEN  Techniques:   CT ABDOMEN, Contiguous axial cuts were obt...
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