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Report CT Barin-Suddural-Chronic

Patient’s Name: 
Referred by:  Dear Colleague 
Examination:  CT BRAIN 
Techniques:   CT BRAIN, Contiguous axial cuts were obtained through the skull without I.V. contrast and revealed:


  • A hypodense collection is seen within the sudural space of left occipito-parietal region associated with mild midline shift to contra-lateral right side & mild effacement of left lateral ventricle denoting old chronic subdural haematoma.
  • A large parenchymal hypodense lesion is seen occupying the left tempro-parietal region suggesting either cerebral infarction or resolved parenchymal heamtoma with residual area of encephalomalacia.
  • No intra-axial masses are seen.
  • Normal CT appearances & dimensions of ventricular system & basal cisterns.
  • Normal CT appearances of posterior fossa structures & bony skull.

  • Left parietal old chronic subdural haematoma.
  • Left tempro-parietal cerebral infraction versus resolved parenchymal haematoma.