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Diagnosis of a CT Lumbo-Sacral Spine (L1-S1)

Patient’s Name:   
Examination:    Lumbo-Sacral Spine (L1-S1). CT Scan.
Techniques:    No Contrast Axial CT scans.


  • Double level spondylolisthesis LV4-5 and LV5-SV1…for dynamic study.
  • Bilateral fracture pars LV4.
  • LV4-5 and LV5-SV1 diffuse posterior disc bulges noted, effacing the ventral epidural fat, indenting anterior thecal aspect and partially encroaching on bith lateral recesses and exit foramina.  
  • The other discs are intact.
  • Otherwise, normal osseous features of the lumbar vertebral bodies and their neural arches.
  • Apophyseal osteoarthropathy noted.
  • No paravertebral soft tissue lesions identified.