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Patient’s Name:
Referred by:  Dear Colleague
Examination:  CT P.N.S
Techniques:   CT PARA-NASAL SINUSES, Contiguous coronal cuts were obtained through the para-nasal sinuses without I.V. contrast and revealed:

  • Normal CT appearances & average normal aeration of examined para-nasal sinuses. They display intact bony & mucosal outlines. No evidences of intra-antral masses, polyps or fluid were detected.
  • Patent osteo-meatal complexes of examined para-nasal sinuses are noted.
  • Central nasal septum with normal appearances of nasal turbinates.
  • Bony orbits & eye globes display normal CT features with no evidences of intra- or extra-conal lesions were detected.
  • Hypertrophy of inferior nasal turbinates is noted bilaterally.

Bilateral hypertrophy of inferior nasal turbinates