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CT Chest-Mesothelioma

Patient’s Name:
Referred by:  Dear Colleague
Examination:  CT CHEST
Techniques:   CT CHEST, Contiguous axial cuts were obtained through the chest with I.V. contrast and revealed


  • Extensive lobular, soft tissue thickening of the right pleura along the entire right hemithorax is noted forming multiple pleural-nodular like lesions. Picture suggesting malignant pleural lesions.
  • Minimal fluid collection is seen within the right pleural space especially at the lower zone.  
  • Reduced volume of the right lung is noted with extensive parenchymal fibrotic strandy linear shadows suggesting associated lung fibrosis.
  • Suspicious right broncho-pulmonary lymphadenopathy is noted.
  • Multiple tiny soft tissue parenchymal nodules (about three in number) are seen scattered in the left lung field suggesting metastatic deposits.
  • Normal CT appearances of mediastinal structures.
  • Normal CT appearances of the heart & great vessels were detected. 

Malignant right pleural nodules with minimal pleural fluid
Suspicious right broncho-pulmonary lymphadenopathy
Left pulmonary metastases
Extensive right pulmonary fibrosis with reduced lung volume.