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Diagnosis of a CT Brain Non-Contrast Axial Scans

Patient’s Name:   
Referred by:    Dear Colleague
Examination:    Brain. CT Scan.
Techniques:    Non-Contrast Axial Scans.


  • Cortical and subcortical hypodensity noted at left tempro-parietal region with areas of hyperdensity and subsequent mass effect manifested as effacement of the related sulci and ipsilateral lateral ventricle, mild midline shift (6mm)… Infarct along the territory of left MCA with hemorrhagic component…for clinical correlation and follow up.
  • Diffuse ectasia of the supratentorial ventricular system; together with widening of the cortical sulci and sylvian fissures, as well as prominence of the basal cisterns ... Involutional brain changes.
  • Normal posterior fossa structures.
  • Bilateral basal ganglia calcifications…variant.